How to Check Which Version of Windows You Have

The new version will have updated operating system icons , graphics, a new Microsoft Store for apps, a new Taskbar, a new Windows Snap feature and more. One of the most common ways to pull this off is with an emulator called Bluestacks. While the software is mainly aimed at games these days, it’s capable of emulating Android apps and comes with a huge directory of apps and games you can download to your PC.

With the personal touch offered by screen capture on Windows 10, you can bring everyone together. Loom also enables you to trim, combine videos together, and create a video library to keep all your videos organized in one place. These were the top four ways to screen record on your Windows 10 PC for free. Out of all, I personally use PowerPoint to record the stuff on my computer’s screen.

Third-Party Screen Recorder for Windows 11

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  • At least, that’s the official way to do it, although you can trick Windows 11 Home into letting you set it up without a Microsoft account.
  • There will be many options but click on the option of Hardware and Sound and then Intel Control Panel.
  • This manually will upgrade you from Windows 10 to the new OS.

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Choose what the Start menu shows

For the users who work with macOS Mojave or earlier, QuickTime Player is a great option to record the computer screen. Follow the simple steps below to record your computer screen using QuickTime. If you need to record some of the screens above, or not working with Windows 10/11, you can rely on some watermark-free screen recorders , like FlexClip. Select the entire screen or application window you want to record, then click Share to record the screen. This tool lets you record webinars or live streams while you’re away from your desk. You’ll find this feature rolling back in the preferences, under Scheduler.

If Windows 11 Only Takes 18 GB Why Does Microsoft Say 64 GB?

So, you have to upgrade to windows 10 first via windows update, then download the ISO and select ‘ upgrade this pc’. You’ve JUST upgraded to Windows 10 via windows update. It means that some peripherals in your PC are not yet compatible with Win10. This is why they did the whole reservation and wave release. If the validation tool detects something the will not work it prevents the windows 10 upgrade.

However, you will need to download the .ISO file yourself, mount it, and install Windows 11 from it like you would any Windows boot disk. It’s a pretty involved process, so make sure to read our guide to how to do a clean install of Windows 11 using an ISO file before you get started. If your upgrade is ready, the option to download and install should show up. Go ahead and download and install it, then follow the on-screen prompts to start your Windows 11 journey. You can check and see if the Windows 11 upgrade is ready for your machine by navigating to your Windows Update settings page. Hit the Start button and type “Settings”, then hit Enter to get to the Settings app.